Zoe McCloskey

Age 23
BFA, Cooper Union
Bike rider
AKA "Patt's daughter"

E-mails home

January 9, 2004, Mexico -- Still in Puebla. Found it too charming to leave so soon. Tomorrow might go to Vera Cruz instead of Oaxaca, taking it easy. Very healthy. I want to take this semester off, live in a hostel or rent a place or even a hippie commune if there is no Kool-ade in sight...

February 12, 2004, Oregon -- There is a hostel on Hawthorne St. which is $14 a night with membership and $19 without. It is near the train and in a cool section of town. At a community meeting I went to the first day, a well-dressed man stood up and said, "We have homeless crack and heroin addicts in our neighborhood but just because they don't have homes doesn't mean they are not an integral part of the community. Include them in community events like block parties and public art projects and potlucks."

June 6, 2006, China -- beijing a giant highway-the real gotham city-eveyone small and meaning less. changed money by myself. went to see temple-will see forbidden city and great wall-ate duck and melon. staying at the hostel at beijing university. walked all day-foot not swollen. 10th I fly to -chungdu

July 6, 2006, Tibet -- the famous first train out of Lhasa, a day and a half of just mountains and lakes and some sightings of endangered wild deer-a few yaks and every once in a blue moon one little tent with two or three tibetans standing outside with red armbands on, waving to the train as it passed-(soft bunk, six bunks to a room with a little table with a pot of tea and fake flowers on it)

September 21, 2006, Dominican Republic -- in santiago at hotel colonial, but have to come home and pick up woodblocks. looks like i'm driving to syracuse oct 13th for a show...then december in baltimore and possibly soho. to puerta plata tommorrow. i might stay with cathy. they have an extra room $300 a month. best. zoe