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Check that:

1. The author has expertise on the topic.

2. The source of the content is stated.

3. The content can be independently verified from other sources.

4. The info is current & the site maintained.

5. The site includes contact information.

Source:Cohen, Laura and Trudi Jacobson. 2008. Evaluating Web Content,

Renew / Return An Item

Renewing Items

You may renew items by calling or going to your library and requesting that a staff member renew your items for you,
OR you may renew online by accessing your account as follows:

  1. Click on the VIEW MY ACCOUNT ACTIVITY link in the HOW DO I… dropdown menu at the top of this or any page.
    HOW DO I… dropdown menu

    OR click on the MY ACCOUNT tab if you’re already in the classic catalog.
    My Account tab screen shot
  2. Enter your barcode number (it’s on your library card) and your PIN (the last 4 digits of your telephone number, unless you’ve requested a special number) and click the Login button.
  3. This brings you to the ‘Account Overview’ screen. Click on the words Items Out. Click in the small box near the title of each item you wish to renew. Then click the Renew button.
  4. If you get the message “Renew failed. Exceeded maximum renewal limit,” one or more of your items did not renew. Items that are described as “New” in the Collection column of the Copy/Holding information may not be renewed, nor may any DVD set be renewed. Other items may be renewed only once, so if you’ve already renewed them, you may not renew them again. Items which have been requested by another patron may also not be renewed.
  5. For further help with MY ACCOUNT, visit the View My Account Activity instruction page.

Returning Items

You may return items inside the library when it is open or in the library’s bookdrop when the library is closed. Items put in the bookdrop are checked in the next business day using the previous business day’s date. Therefore, an item that is due one day but checked in from the bookdrop the next morning is not considered overdue and will not be assessed a fine.

Generally, you may return items checked out from a Berks County Public Libraries (BCPL) member library at that library, or at any other member library (See libraries and locations). All public libraries in Berks County are members of BCPL except the Wyomissing Public Library.

The following types of items are exceptions to that general rule and must be returned to the library from which they were checked out:

  • Museum passes
  • Video games
  • Interlibrary loan items obtained from outside the Berks County Public Libraries system