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Patricia J. McCloskey, Reference Librarian

At the county law library...

January 2006 -- A woman came in today looking for help. The woman's minor son is to receive $10,000 in survivor's benefits from an insurance company. The insurer will not write the check to the mother without a court order giving her guardianship--this according to the initial interview with the woman.
Over some time, these details surfaced: 1. A fiduciary guardian must be appointed so that parents don't just steal kids' money. Usually that fiduciary guardian is not the parent or is the parent and someone else. 2. This woman says the son's paternal grandmother has told the insurance company that she wants to oversee the funds. 3. The boy's parents were never married. 4. The boy's father committed suicide.

February 2006 -- A woman needed a form for voluntary relinquishment of parental rights. We found it under the heading, "adoption."

March 2006 -- A man, a mile-a-minute talker, needs the first volume of Purdons Pa R.Crim.P. because it is missing at the public library and something about tickets and Commissioner Judy Schwank and sludge -- "You know what sludge is?"-- and human feces and criminal kick-backs and dirty politics and he is a Republican..."just remember sludge, that visual image." Was I a homeowner; was I a veteran? He left quickly after that because he had forgotten his glasses.

April 2006 -- Phone call: "Hi, I have a friend who has a daughter, 16, who is dating a guy who is 20. Can she do something about that?"


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